Cal’s Work

Check out Cal’s Digital Display ads for RallyPoint – The largest Social network for the military:



Check out Cal’s Digital Display and Retargeting ads for Sperry Top-Sider.  These ads have generated millions of impressions and thousands of click throughs.

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Iconic American Style Campaign

IconicAmerican_160x600      IconicAmerican_300x250


Classic Style Campaign

MensClassicStyle_160x600  MensClassicStyle_300x250


Color Your Sole Campaign

colorsole_160x600   colorsole_300x250


Spend- $14,594.64

Impressions- 3,581,046

Clicks- 9,610

CTR- .27 %

Orders Completed- 19,457

Revenue- $360,171.26

ROAS- $24.68


Rock The Boat Campaign

Sperry_c4_160x600   Sperry_c4_300x250



Impressions- 3,318,397

Clicks- 3,274

CTR- .10%

Orders Completed- 17,996

Revenue- $328,386.23

ROAS- $24.20